September 2022

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Nominations for 6th Annual International Anti-corruption Excellence Award Now Open

Established in 2016, the International Anti-Corruption Excellence Award is designed to showcase the creative and outstanding achievements of anti-corruption projects from across the globe, and publicly acknowledge these exceptional efforts.  Now in its 6th iteration, the Award ceremony has previously been held in Vienna (2016), Geneva (2017), Kuala Lumpur (2018), Kigali (2019) and Tunis (2020), and will be held in Doha in 2022. Submissions from across the globe to nominate organizations, groups and individuals who demonstrate a commitment towards the prevention and control of corruption are now being accepted.  Nominations will be accepted until 1st October 2022. Organized by the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Center (ROLACC) in support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) through its mandate in the fight against corruption, the initiative promotes the importance of tackling corruption and encourages the implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.  The Award honors those who have shown dedication to tackling corruption and aims to inspire others to replicate these efforts.

Academic Research and Education: Awarded for significant contributions to the growth of anti-corruption knowledge through research, publications, and education-related work.
Youth Creativity and Engagement: Awarded for projects targeting or led by young people, or for projects or initiatives which raise awareness of corruption among young people or society at large.
Innovation / Investigative Journalism: Awarded for the use of transformative solutions to anti-corruption, or for producing sound and ethical investigative journalism which plays a critical role in tackling corruption.
Safeguarding Sports from Corruption: Awarded for projects and initiatives designed to reduce the impact of corruption on sport.
Lifetime or Outstanding Achievement: Awarded for sustained and outstanding contributions to the achievement of anti-corruption goals.

More details on the award and the nomination process, including a list of previous winners, can be found at www.aceaward.com. For more information, please contact info@aceaward.com.

(Source: ROLACC, Qatar)

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