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Detection of Corruption through Financial Analysis Techniques (Part 1)
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1 hour 23 mins
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Dr. Shahrulnaim introduced how MACC handles financial investigations. In line with international standard as advocated by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, MACC has a Financial Analysis Division for providing financial analysis assistance services in various phases of complex case investigations. Mr. Fakhrul continued the session by introducing financial analysis processes and tools, including red flags indicators, trend analysis, vertical and horizontal analyses and ratio analysis. He also shared some common scenarios of how companies hide the money trail by making complex transactions.
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Dr. Shahrulnaim Bin Mohd Amin, Assistant Commissioner, Financial Analysis Division, MACC
Mr. Fakhrul Syahmi Bin Abdul Rahman, Senior Superintendent, Financial Analysis Division, MACC

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