Enhancing IAACA’s Visibility in International Community

Deepening IAACA’s involvement in the international anti-corruption community to
enable IAACA to take centre stage of the international anti-corruption mission


IAACA and its members have been leveraging their extensive network to promote the Association at international anti-corruption conferences and regional seminars with a view to bringing IAACA’s visibility to a new height.

6 Jul 2022

Commonwealth Africa Anti-Corruption Centre (CAACC) training event in Gaborone, Bostwana

The Secretary General, Ms Sally Kwan, promoted the work of IAACA at an online training event organised by the Commonwealth Africa Anti-Corruption Centre (CAACC) on 6 July 2022 for around 30 anti-corruption practitioners from 21 ACAs across 18 Commonwealth African countries. 

15 Mar 2022

IAACA President highlighted the importance of synergising anti-corruption efforts through the IAACA platform at 1st Webinar organised by Network of Corruption Prevention Authorities in 2022

Upon the invitation of Mr. Angelos Binis, President of the Network of Corruption Prevention Authorities (NCPA) and a member of the Executive Committee of IAACA, Mr. Simon Peh, President of IAACA shared the vision and initiatives of the Association at NCPA's webinar entitled "Trends and Challenges in Regulating Lobbying Activities" on 15 March 2022. In his presentation, Mr. Peh also highlighted the Regional Coordination Mechanism launched by IAACA and appealed to participants to join the Association so as to synergise efforts in building a fair and corruption-free world.

14 Mar 2022

Secretary-General introduced the work of IAACA at the regional meeting for South America and Mexico convened by UNODC

At UNODC's regional meeting for South America and Mexico held on 15 March 2022 to fast-track the implementation of UNCAC, Ms Sally Kwan, Secretary-General of IAACA, addressed the participants and introduced the Association, its work initiatives and the Regional Coordination Mechanism. The IAACA fact sheet and membership form were also distributed at the event through UNODC to encourage participants to join the Association.