Study Journey of National Anti-Corruption Advisory Council of South Africa to Hong Kong, China

The Experience Sharing Programme for the National Anti-Corruption Advisory Council (NACAC) of South Africa was successfully held in Hong Kong, China from 11–15 March 2024. Co-hosted by IAACA, the Hong Kong International Academy Against Corruption (HKIAAC) of ICAC and the Transparency, Integrity, and Accountability Programme in South Africa (TIP) of GIZ, this programme served as a valuable platform for knowledge exchange among the ICAC, two other anti-corruption authorities (ACAs) in East Asia, and their counterparts from South Africa.

The five-day programme featured a series of briefings and site visits, allowing the South African delegates from NACAC, the Special Investigating Unit, the Directorate of Priority Crimes Investigation and the National Prosecuting Authority to gain valuable insights into Hong Kong’s robust anti-corruption strategies. Additionally, six interactive exchange workshops were conducted. During these workshops, anti-graft experts from the ICAC, the Anti-corruption & Civil Rights Commission of the Republic of Korea, and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission engaged in meaningful discussions with the South African delegates. The focus was on addressing the significant challenges related to defining mandates, establishing organizational structures, implementing effective strategies, and ensuring sound governance for ACAs.

This initiative is an integral part of NACAC’s commitment to fulfilling its mandate, which includes reviewing South Africa’s existing anti-corruption framework and exploring the feasibility of establishing a national anti-corruption agency within the country. IAACA remains dedicated to collaborating with international organizations and ACAs worldwide, fostering anti-corruption partnerships and facilitating knowledge sharing.