Strengthening Online Initiatives to Connect Graft-Fighters Worldwide

Deepening communication with members and international community through online platforms


Apart from hosting an official website and sending e-Newsletters to members, IAACA Secretariat runs a Facebook Page to strengthen interaction with members and the international community.

More in-depth and technical information about global anti-corruption development is also disseminated to the members via the enhanced online platforms, such as:

  • Interviews with leading figures in the global anti-corruption arena to share their insights into the corruption trend worldwide, their vision of international anti-corruption development, as well as new projects of their organizations
  • Thematic sharing by anti-corruption authorities, research institutions and other organizations on good practices, new initiatives, research findings and training resources in the anti-corruption field

With these improvements, IAACA’s online platforms serves as a hub where members can keep themselves posted on the international anti-corruption development and communicate with one another.