Mr Kenneth WONG Kwok-hung
Mr Kenneth WONG Kwok-hung
Director of International Cooperation & Corporate Services
Hong Kong ICAC

Since joining the ICAC in 1997, Mr Wong has spent the better part of his anti-graft career in corruption prevention work, while also having extensive exposure in the areas of preventive education and anti-corruption research.  For his over 20 years’ service in the Corruption Prevention Department, he had advised numerous government bureaux/departments and public and private organizations on building safeguards against corruption in wide-ranging systems and projects, including public works, law enforcement, procurement, public-private partnership and public funding schemes.  In 2012-2013, he was cross-posted to the then Centre of Anti-Corruption Studies, and played a key role in commissioning a number of anti-corruption researches and organizing an international conference. From 2015 to 2017, he was cross-posted to the Community Relations Department, where he led and coordinated the formulation and implementation of preventive education programmes for government departments as well as public organizations, and headed a regional office in providing liaison and education services for various sectors in the region.  

Mr Wong rose through the ranks and was promoted to the directorate level as an Assistant Director of Corruption Prevention in 2020.  He was the Assistant Director of Community Relations, overseeing the planning and implementation of preventive education and public engagement programmes, covering the public sector, district organizations, non-profit making organizations, election, building management, etc.

Prior to joining the ICAC, Mr Wong had worked in various government departments undertaking financial and human resource management duties.  Mr Wong has a bachelor degree in social science and a law degree.